Myroom Records employs state of the art equipment with high end Black Lion Audio conversion comparable to top recording studios nationwide. We are capable of capturing full band live performances with 32 channels of hi definition audio inputs and preamps. If there are any special equipment you need to use in your session, we have many avenues for obtaining it and will do our best to accommodate.


Front End

- Lucid ADA8824 Converters

- Black Lion Audio Premium Modded Presonus Quantum 2

- Manley Dual Mono Preamp

- Line Audio MP2 Preamp

- Black Lion Auteur 2 Preamp

- Art MPA-II Reference Series  Preamp

- Black Lion Audio ADA8000 Preamp

- KRK VTX 8 Monitors




- Neumann TLM 49

- Peluso 22 251

- Rode NT5 Pair

- MXL Genesis FET

- Shure KSM44

- Shure SM-57 (5)

- Cascade Microphones Victor Ribbon

- Groovetube GT-33

- Sennheiser e604 (3)

- AKG Perception 120

- MXL 860 Ribbon Mic (2)

- Modded MXL 9000 Tube Mic

- Modded MXL R44 Ribbon

- MXL 910 (2)

- Audix D-6


- Gibson ES-335

- Gibson Les Paul Menace

- Fender American Stratocaster

- Godin Baritone Guitar
- Taylor, Aria, and Yamakai Acoustic Guitars
- MB Custom, Fender, and Ibanez Bass Guitars

- Vintage Pearl Session 7 Piece Maple Drum Kit

- Mapex Black Panther Maple Snare

- Pearl Free Floating Brass Snare

- Roland SYSTEM-1 Synth

- Korg Triton Rack

- 88 Key Hammer Action MIDI Controller

- Alesis VX49


- Egnater Tweaker 15 Tube Amplifier
- Bugera 1960 Tube Head
- Various Cab Options
- Orange Bass Amplifier


- Ableton Suite
- Adobe Audition
- Native Instruments Komplete
- AIR Synth Suite (Vacuum Pro, Loom, Xpand! 2)
- Amplitube VST
- Waves Mercury, Toneboosters, and FabFilter Suites
- iZotope Suite
- Autotune and Melodyne VST



If you are a singer/songwriter who wants a full band production we employ a full studio musician staff who are able to write and collaborate with you and develop your music to its full potential.